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Fun to use for a while

Best thing ever

I totes love KeyboardCat!

This app is so cute!

There were no other reviews on this, so I was kind of worried that this app might not have his song on it, but it does! Instead of having to go to YouTube, you can watch this cute kitty play the piano. It's the original video split into his first song and his second. If you like Keyboard Cat, then I recommend this app!🐱

You haven't lived till you heard this angelic music

When I first browsed the AppStore I saw something, a keyboard cat, I looked more into it but it was hard to find a video player to play the keyboard cat hits for free, I am now overjoyed that this app has freed my soul from rap and hip hop because I listened to catno music

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the update for the current iOS!! The app looks wonderful now!!

Keyboard cat

Kool app. Reminds me of my girls cats :)

110% Gameage

Duke of New York, A-Number One!


You will like this app from Brett!!!!😝

Fun App

What can I say it's Keyboard Cat.

Keyboard cat app rating lower

I think this app should be at least 12+ rating then 17+rating.

I love keyboard cat but this app is.........

This app is ok.I like neon cat app better.You can just look up keyboard cat on Internet you know.As I say it's ok.......


Having keyboard cat in my pocket has changed my life. Much more convenient than carrying around an actual cat, not to mention a keyboard.

No image.

The sound plays but not the video! It's quite frustrating.

Hey charlie

Hey charlie! Dont know if u will get this haha but congrats on the key board cat app!!! It's awesome :) <3 bento oh btw it's mia

Keyboard cat

It will not play sound. I can only get the video without the organ music.

Piano cat app

It is amusimg

Key board cat


great keyboard cat app!!!

there are noe even MORE vids of keyboard cat, and I enjoy watching keyboard cat wherever, and it cheers me up!!! :) I <3 keyboard cat!!!

Needs More

I love Keyboard Cat (who doesn't?) but this app leaves you wanting. The preloaded vids are entertaining but the other linked vids are flash & thus inaccessible for most iPhones. There needs to be more functionality! Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update.

Keyboard Cat is Love!!!!!!

I love this app,keyboard cat is love!!!

How can you go wrong...

With keyboard cat at your fingertips?


The original, the incredible, we love you, kitty!

I love it!

Keyboard cat FTW!!!!!

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

The guy who made keyboard cat was my art teacher! He's AWESOME!!!


Awesome but wheres Bento?

Play them off Keyboard Cat!!

Love the app! I use it to play off the losers when my team wins a Modern Warfare 2 match! You should hear them whine & QQ! Thanks Fatso! You Rock!!

I love it but

Now it has started crashing repeatedly. I have loved the app before that though.

Love it!!

Keyboard cat is amazing <3 and go to your iPod/iPhone settings to change it

On the fence

Enjoyable app, but how the h do you elect out of receiving push notifications once you've opted in??? When a new vid's posted overnight, its loud "meow" disturbs my sleep and then disables my alarm clock app! Have almost missed class twice!

Play who off, now?

The mash-ups are all cluttered.

Better if it didn't crash

Love keyboard cat, just not happy that a paid app crashes/freezes 4 out of 5 times that I try to use it :(


Fatso and Bento light up my life. It's nice to have all these clips together in one place. Well done!


Rhis app needs bento plz update with him

Great app

I love this app. It always makes me laugh!

GAOAT greatest app of all time

Cat plays keyboard




Keyboard cat comes down from heaven and into the apps best money ever spent!!!!

This App Rocks!

I <3 kittys and especially this lil fellow this app is worth .99 cents!

Awesome app

To those who love this stuff

Holy noodles.

This app it TOTALLY worth the $0.99!!!

I love Keyboard Cat

He is awesome.

Awesome app, totally needs a timer

Give this a countdown timer that plays one at the end and you have THE awesome timeboxing app!!

Best app ever

Hours of entertainment. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. Bonds and friendships will strengthen with this app. Keyboard cat is one of the unrecognized heroes of our generation. Get this app and start enjoying your life again.


What do you expect? It's keyboard cat. If you don't know what it is, you won't appreciate it as much as we do.


I live my life by this


I love men!

Great App

I hearts Keyboard Cat!

I Love Keyboard Cat.

There. I said it. Everytime I see Fatso, I crack up. This app is great if you've got the Keyboard Cat love. Keep those videos comin' people!


Just Epic 

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